Our valued Customers share their experiences.

You guys definitely know what you are doing

After the review meetings and seeing your design, we did not feel the need to host the FAT or supervise you guys. It was obvious you guys know what you are doing, unlike some other vendors we have to babysit.

– A&E

We have and we will recommend you

We have and will recommend you for future projects, it’s been a great experience. It has been a pleasure to work with you and your team.

– A&E

Fewest number of punchlist items

This is the fewest number of punchlist items I have ever recorded at any FAT (4).

– Customer/QAM/DOC Control and Validation

Very powerful

Very powerful and user-friendly software package.

– Customer

Smoothest FAT

Smoothest FAT we have ever been on.

– Customer

Custom pieces of equipment

One of the nicest custom pieces of equipment we have seen.

– Customer